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English for Any Profession

Lessons are ready to support your professional goals.  I have worked with individuals who work in nutrition/medicine, education, public affairs, law, public policy, economics, journalism and business.  My personalized lessons are focused on helping you build the vocabulary, pronunciation, and writing skills that you need to succeed in your day-to-day work.  Instruction is by online video.


I am a professional who works in the field of diplomacy.  Academic English Instruction’s assistance has been invaluable.  Most notable is my instructor's ability to adapt instruction to my specific needs.  His lessons are nothing like the “run of the mill” lessons.  I recommend my instructor highly.
- Giorgos, Professional in International Affairs

My instructor is terrific.  His lessons are focused, smart and tailored.  I am an attorney who must conduct business in English.  The instruction customized to my specific needs has made a big difference in my progress.
- Anita, Attorney

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